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Prototipo 3D

Cera Alta Definizione
Resina Alta Definizione
HP MJF 580
SLA Resin
Grigio naturale
Nero impregnato
Trasparenza totale
Nero lucido antigraffio

1 Configure here your part

Configure here your part

Below you can indicate how you want to customize your part:

  • Material
  • Finish
  • Quantity and delivery date
  • Write notes
  • Request a professional verification of your 3D file.
  • Finishes

    Choose color and finish

    • Natural Grey: the basic color of the material, not uniform grey , this is the less expensive option ,parts are post processed with sandblasting to remove excesses of dust, ideal solution for functional parts or semifinished.
    • Impregnated black: part is treated with sandblasting to remove excesses of dust and subsequently immersed in a specific dye for polyamides, a uniform and pleasantgood looking rough finish.
    • Graphite: part is treated with two different sandblasting processes, the first to remove excesses of powder, the second to smooth slightly and give the surfaces a uniform and pleasant bright grey color.
    • Painted: parts are treated with sandblasting and tumbling, then a layer of primer and some water-based paint layers are applied. some imperfections are possible. it is necessary to indicate the requested color. Rough-looking finish.

    Printing Mode

    Print quality

    Print Mode (PA12) Prototek offers the two best performing printing configurations among the three available on the Jet Fusion system
    Balanced The configuration with the best value for money, Good balance between surface quality and mechanical capacity elongation at break 13.5%
    Best Performance
    This configuration offers best mechanical performances with a little bit more roughness on surfaces elongation at break 15%

    File Unit:      

    Model Stats:

    Material Volume: cm3
    Box Volume: cm3
    Surface Area: cm2
    Model Weight: g
    Model Dimensions: x x cm

    2 Choose the price and the estimated delivery date

    Choose the price and the estimated delivery date

    Here you can choose the day you will receive your parts.

    To save money you can choose longer delivery times or order more parts.

    Delivery times are calculated with payment made on the day you receive our ok for the feasibility: in case of delay in payment the delivery will be delayed of the corresponding time.

    Deliveries are made with DHL and some areas could need an additional working day. All our delivery dates are estimated, anyway more than 95% of them arrive on time.

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    3 Any notes for the designer

    Designer Notes

    Please provide us with any information that may be useful to make your part.

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